RIP routing between Cisco,Ubuntu and CentOS Router!


  • Routers: 1 Ubuntu Linux with 2 nics, 1 Centos Linux with 2 nics and 1 Cisco 3640 Router with 3 FastEthernet interfaces.
  • Clients: 3 Windows Xp with 1 nic.
IP Details

All the Routers in this scenario have a default password of “zebra“.

  • fe0/0:
  • fe1/0: /24
  • fe2/0:


  • eth0:
  • eth1:


  • eth0:
  • eth1:


  • WinXP-1:
  • WinXP-2:
  • WinXP-3:
3640Router Configuration:

UbuntuRouter Configuration:

Restart the Router!!!

CentOSRouter Configuration:

Restart the Router!!!

Verification from Routers :-)

Test from Clients :-)
Make a simple test from WinXP-1.

Make a simple test from WinXP-2.

Make a simple test from WinXP-3.

Hope this will help you!


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