Part-2: Creation of autorun recovery Clonezilla live CD/DVD from image

In the first part, we have created the Clonezilla image and store it on SSH Server. In this part, we’ll create the autorun recovery Clonezilla live DVD from that image.
Note: You need to go through the same process again from step 1 to until step 15, that we have performed in Part-1.
1) Select the “recovery-iso-zip” and press ENTER:
2) In the next screen, select the image folder (This is the image folder that we have created in part 1):
3) Choose the destination disk to be recovered when the recovery DVD being used:
4) Select the language that will be used in the recovery Clonezilla live:
5) Set the keyboard layout when the recovery DVD is used, default is NONE:
6) Select “iso” to create a DVD disk image which can burn on a DVD disc:
7) It displays a single command that will be executed, press ENTER to continue:
8) It will display a warning for confirmation that you want to continue, press “y“:
9) Creation of the iso image begin:
10) After the sucessful creation of iso image, Clonezilla will display a summary, press ENTER to continue:
11) Finally, select an option (poweroff, reboot etc),Don’t forget to remove the CloneZilla Live CD from the CD drive:
Verification of iso image on SSH Server:
Hope this will help you!

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