Part-3: Restore an image of a Hard drive using Clonezilla

In this tutorial, we’ll check that how to restore an image of a hard drive using the Clonezilla, that we have created in the Part-1 and stored it on the SSH Server.
Note: One of Clonezilla’s “Limitations” is that the destination disk must be the same size or larger than the source disk that we have been cloned, so make sure that the destination disk must be the same size or larger.
To restore an image of a hard drive, boot the system from the Clonezilla Live CD and follow the exact same procedure from step 1 to until step 15, that we have performed in Part-1.
1) On step 16, select the “restoredisk” option and press ENTER:
2) Select the image (In my case,it reside on SSH Server) that you want to restore:
3) In this step, select the target disk on which, you want to restore the image:
4) It will prompt you the command to restore the image, just press ENTER:
5) Before starting the restoration process, Clonezilla will confirm from you TWICE, If you are sure that everything is fine, than just type “y” twice and press ENTER:
6) After the second confirmation, Clonezilla will start restoring the image to the selected target hard disk:
7) Once the cloning process will complete, Clonezilla expect an ENTER to continue:
8) Than type 1 to “Reboot” the system. Please also “Remove the Clonezilla Live CD” and press ENTER:
9) If everything goes well, your newly restored system will boot normally as per your desire:
Hope this will help you!

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