Part-4: Restore disk from Clonezilla Auto Restore CD/DVD

Please read the Part-1,2 and 3 before starting this tutorial, in order to get the better understanding.
1) At first, Clonezilla auto restore CD/DVD comes up with this screen just press ENTER:
2) Before starting the restoration process, Clonezilla will confirm from you TWICE, If you are sure that everything is fine, than just type “y” twice and press ENTER:
3) After the second confirmation, Clonezilla will start restoring the image to the selected target hard disk:
4) Once the cloning process will complete, Clonezilla will show you the summary, than type 1 to “Reboot” the system. Please also “Remove the Clonezilla auto restore CD/DVD” and press ENTER:
5) If everything goes well, your newly restored system will boot normally as per your desire:
Hope this will help you!

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