Watch Hulu Streaming Videos Anywhere in the World is popularly known as a free online video service that offers hit TV shows including Family Guy30 Rockthe Daily Show with Jon StewartLostThe Tonight Show with Conan o BrienThe Simpsons, Naruto Shippuden etc. etc. etc.
It says there FREE! yes absolutely BUT only if you reside within the United Sates of America (USA). If you really like TV shows like these and you happen to be residing outside America then poor you, Hulu won’t allow you to stream their videos period.
A typical content message when you try to watch hulu videos outside US would be this:

We’re sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States. For more information on Hulu’s international availability, click here.

Over the past month, Hotspot Shield has become the main application to sneak and bypass IP filtering of Hulu but unfortunately, that didn’t last long. Hulu finally blocked users who are using Hotspot Shield to stream their videos and left us nothing again. Sure you can use third party VPN but how much are you willing to pay for their service? Wouldn’t be nice that everything in your internet would be free (specially watching TV shows)?
Ok, enough said. After Hotspot Shield, I have discovered that an application of AOL called AOL Desktop can let you stream Hulu videos in any part of the world. What it does is, it changes your IP address into a US IP address and that in return will make Hulu videos accessible right away.
Here’s how we can Watch Hulu Video using AOL Desktop
1. First, create a free email of AOL, get it here:
2. Download AOL Desktop and install it on your PC. Mac users, click here.
3. Open AOL Desktop and click sign-in at the upper right hand of the screen.
4. Check if you’re email is working by logging in using the username and password that you have created in step 1.
5. Once you have successfully logged in, sign out of AOL.
6. Sign in again, but this time BEFORE you click the “sign-in button” click on “connection options” first.
7. Now under connect options, select advanced broadband settings (see picture).
Watch Hulu Streaming Videos Anywhere in the World
8. Click continue and create a new broadband profile (see picture) and then choose Home Network under Connection Type and save.
Watch Hulu Streaming Videos Anywhere in the World
Watch Hulu Streaming Videos Anywhere in the World
9. You will now have an AOL connection on your system tray (beside the time). Sign in with your username and password and choose the profile you created under connection. (see picture)
Watch Hulu Streaming Videos Anywhere in the World
10. Once connected, check your IP address using If you see a screenshot like this:
Watch Hulu Streaming Videos Anywhere in the World
11. Fire up your favorite browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer) and log in to and watch unlimited Hulu streaming videos all day, all night for FREE. Enjoy!


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