How to map Google Drive on CentOS

I am learning around with grive, a third party Google Drive client.  It’s pretty cool, but the instructions are based on an Ubuntu install.  I had an interesting time setting it up on CentOS 6.3 64bit, so I decided to share what I learned.
First, get connected EPEL and all repositories,

#yum update
#yum install json-c* expat* curl* 
# rpm -i
# git clone git://
# cd grive
# cmake .
# make

If there are errors, just install new Boost version follow:
after that you give build again:

#cd ./grive  # grive repo is already checked out here
#git clean -fdx
#cmake .
[root@mrcool]# cp ./grive/grive /home/mrcool/GoogleDrive/
[root@mrcool]# cd /home/mrcool/GoogleDrive/
[root@mrcool GoogleDrive]# ./grive -a

Please go to this URL and get an authentication code:……..

Please input the authentication code here: 
Reading local directories
Synchronizing folders
Reading remote server file list
Synchronizing files
sync ./grive doesn't exist in server, uploading


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