Install Boost 1.55.0 version on CentOS

Issue the following commands in the shell (don’t type $; that represents the shell’s prompt):

$ cd path/to/boost_1_55_0
$ ./ --help

Select your configuration options and invoke ./ again without the --help option. Unless you have write permission in your system’s /usr/local/ directory, you’ll probably want to at least use

$ ./ --prefix=path/to/installation/prefix

to install somewhere else. Also, consider using the --show-libraries and --with-libraries=library-name-list options to limit the long wait you’ll experience if you build everything. Finally,

$ ./b2 install

will leave Boost binaries in the lib/ subdirectory of your installation prefix. You will also find a copy of the Boost headers in the include/ subdirectory of the installation prefix, so you can henceforth use that directory as an #include path in place of the Boost root directory.
My complete commands:

tar -xvzf boost_1_55_0.tar.gz
cd boost_1_55_0/
./ --with-libraries=atomic,date_time,exception,filesystem,iostreams,locale,program_options,regex,signals,system,test,thread,timer,log
./b2 install

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