Download Files from the Web Directly to your Online Drives

With Save, you can easily upload any file from the Internet directly to your Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive without downloading it the computer.

I have put together a little web app that will let you save files from the web directly to any of your cloud drives be it Dropbox, Google Drive or Windows SkyDrive. There’s no sign-up required, you don’t have to install any extensions and the app works on mobile devices as well.
Save Web Files

Copy Internet files to your account, via the cloud

To get started, put the URL of any web file in the input box, pick a storage service and copy of that file should appear in your cloud drive in no time. You may even put web page URLs in the input box and in that case, the HTML page will get saved to your online drive.
There are a couple of benefits. One, if you are on a mobile phone or a tablet, you can quickly save any file from the Internet to your online drives without using a single byte of 3G data connection as the file transfer will happen via the cloud.
The app can work as a proxy as well allowing you to download files from websites that may otherwise be blocked /inaccessible in your country /workplace. All you need to know is the URL of the file.
Chromebook users may find this even more useful as the SkyDrive or Dropbox clients cannot be installed on these machines.

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