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We use the most up to date sources available on the internet to block links being created for sites which may contain viruses, spam or malware.

Our script uses some of the most advanced algorithms to keep the user account safe and your phish-free. Passwords are hashed using the phpPass library which is currently one of the best solutions. All URLs go through a series of validation as stated below:

  • URL Format
  • CAPTCHA Check
  • Bot Check
  • Keyword Blacklisting
  • Domain Blacklisting
  • Google Safe Check
  • Phish-Tank Check

QR Code

Each short URL has its own QR that can be accessed by simply adding /qr at the end of the short URL, e.g http://YOUSITE.com/Alias/qr . The QR code in the new version can be dynamically resized by adding a size parameter at the end of the QR code URL, e.g.  http://YOUSITE.com/Alias/qr?size=300×300 . Please note that the maximum allowable size is 550×550.

Custom links

You optimize your ad copy so why not optimize your short links? Educate your audience before they click by customizing the second half of your branded links for higher CTRs.

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Enterprise Team Management

Manage, control and measure the content being shared across your brand. Segment your analytics by department, location, channel, brand or user.

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Reporting & Analytics

Better understand your audience. Gain intelligence about your digital efforts and learn what your audience is organically sharing, all in real-time.

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Workflow Integration

SafeUrl seamlessly integrates into one of the world’s leading social publishing and website content platforms via our world class APIs.

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Our Clients

Sometimes it’s better to let our clients do the talking.

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