Video Encoding FAQs for Mini-Size Viewers

what is a video? is a bunch of pictures/images that are sequentially played
what is video encoding? it is the process of converting the video to a specific video format or specification
for playback reasons, encoding can sometimes be referred to as compression too and their are 2 kinds
of compression namely lossy and lossless
what is lossy and lossless compression? lossless compression means that every piece of data on the
video file is preserved but this also means that the filesize of this videos are big, mean while
lossy compression is removing lots of data on a video and thus lowering the filesize of the video
without hurting much the quality of the video compared to the original video

how to shrink the filesize of a video but retaining its quality? you cannot since its the nature
of lossy compression to decrease the quality for the benefit of reducing the filesize, in other words
removing more bitrate will lessen quality and also reduces filesize
how to bring back the (loss) quality of a mini-size video? you cannot since once the quality of the video is lost
the data/information/bits on that video are already removed forever, you may try re-encoding the mini-size video
to lets say higher resolution (or upscaling) and higher filesize but you will never see an increase in quality and
in fact its gonna be more blurry, again its the nature of lossy compression

what is h264? h264 is a standard or video format that is popular right now.
h264 is the best for lossy compression on video at the moment. h264 can be alternatively called as
MPEG-4 Part 10 or AVC (Advance Video Coding)
what is x264? x264 is an encoder that implements the h264 standard, so simply means x264 outputs h264 video files
what is a source file? a source file is a video that you want to encode/convert to another format,
the higher the quality of the source file the higher the details youll preserved when lossy compressing/encoding
the video to small size, lossless video sources are the best like DVD and BluRay
what is ripping? is the process of copying video content from digital media like DVD and BluRay disc
to a computer storage device like a harddisk, you may have notice terms like DVD-Rip or BluRay-Rip this means that this videos came from DVD or BluRay sources that they encode it to either lossless or lossy compression methods
but usually lossy compressions like fansubs releases that are in .mkv or .mp4 containers for example
what is video container? video containers can be explained like a organize cabinet and like a organize cabinet
it has drawers that occupies a specific thing like for example drawer 1 has all pencils and drawer 2
has all erasers, etc. So same thing for video containers like .mkv and .mp4, for example .mkv as video container
can include soft-subtitles, the video or other videos, the audio or any other audio. in the Fansubs and
Warez world .mkv is the most use container because its open source meaning its constantly being developed
and maintained. A lot of people mistook .mkv as a format, the reason for your high quality video
in small size is not .mkv the real format that is responsible for all your awe is h264 through the use
of x264 encoder
why use x264 and not CUDA/GPU h264 encoders or Nero AVC encoder to output h264 video files?
well x264 is open source and because its open source it is constantly being developed and maintained
until perfected or until a new video format exceeds the h264 format. Dont be fooled by those
GPU/CUDA based encoders they maybe fast on encoding but the quality compared to x264 is totally bad
what is MeGUI, StaxRip, Handbrake, etc? this softwares are called front-ends to encoders like x264
people sometimes mistook this softwares as the encoders themselves but they are not. This softwares
are just GUI for encoders like the x264 encoder for example
why mini-size videos are small compared to fansubs? as you might know fansubs and any
other mini-size anime encoders uses x264 so primarily their is no trick on making the filesize small
its just that mini-size encoders lowers the bitrate/filesize of the video at the cost of quality loss
compared to the fansubs releases video quality
what are the sources use by mini-size encoders to encode to mini-size? usually mini-size encoders
use the fansubs releases that are in sizes like 150+ mb to 450+ mb for a 24 minute video
why not all mini-size encodes have thesame video quality? primarily because not all video have thesame
video complexity, when we say video complexity we refer to its compressibility, a video episode that contains
lots of action and explosions for example is hard to compress because it needs lot of bitrate/filesize
to maintain quality than a video episode that has lots of low motion scenes like talking anime character that have only his/her face moving for example, so an anime episode video that has lots of low motion scenes can be referred
to as less complex video and thus can be compressed greatly in good video quality and small-filesize

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