File Corruption Checking

sometimes a file perfectly plays but when you transfer them to another media
like burn them to a disc or copy them to a flash drive or harddrive or in the case
of re-encoding no matter what settings you adjust it always come out out of sync
then the problem is a file corruption namely CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error
so its better if you always check for the CRC info of a file before you re-encode
it for example, so lets start
download a checksum software that supports CRC, for example ->
then follow the guides below
what if their are no CRC text included on the filename? for example you rename the file or
there is no CRC text when you first download it, then will use, for example
we search the anime “Fireball” on and at the middle of its page look for something 
like this in the screenshot
after that youll be taken to a page that look like this below
then thats it you got info on the CRC now so just check with the resulting CRC info you
get from RapidCRC
P.S. again simply renaming the file you have will not change the CRC of it, think of CRC
as a unique identification for it, CRC is a checksum just like MD5 and SHA1 to name a few
checksums serves as the real identity of the file so its good for checking if the file is
sometimes RapidCRC does not support unicode characters or those weird characters you see on filenames sometimes
so in this case just use CRCDropper, more info on its site ->
NOTE: just to make it clear if the CRC are not the same then your file is corrupt 

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