IRC/XDCC Downloading with PChat

ok this is a another tutorial about downloading on IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
you may wonder why bother downloading from IRC? because if torrents or download links is 
not available on any website then your last option is IRC as IRC is where the fansubs comes first
and also IRC is mostly the archive of fansubs
we gonna use PChat a fork of XChat a cross-platform popular IRC Client that its not
free on windows OS so thats why we gonna use PChat 
i mostly use portable software because of the fact we can carry it on USB Flash Drives
for us to use this software on any other PC like at work or at school
so download PChat Portable here ->
after downloading just proceed to install it when it prompts you to “Choose Install Location”
just click the “Browse” button under “Desination Folder” and choose where you want to install PChat
for example you may want to install it on your USB Flash Drive so just go select that location,
then after installation go to the selected location of PChat installation and then youll see a 
folder named “PChatPortable” just go inside that folder and run “PChatPortable.exe”
after running PChat youll be prompted of a windows form titled “Network List” 
in “Nick name:” and “Second choice:” and “Third choice:” add your desired nick names
second choice and third choice is their because in case your first nick name is already taken
by another person it will make your nick name to the second choice or third choice.
now before we proceed more on this lets deal first on how to get the IRC server and channel of
a fansub, open your internet browser and go to search for an anime for example
“CANAAN” then at the middle of that anime page look for “Group Status” now click the “show all”
button at the right side bottom of the “Group Status” to show all the fansub groups doing this anime
here is a screenshot
ok now lets say we want “gg” fansubs as the “State” status said its complete and because its also
a popular one because of the number of comments on the “Cmts” area of “Group Status” and that its 
score is good as well shown on the “Rating” column and ofcourse its in English subs indicated 
when you point and pause your mouse on the little country flags at the “Languages” column it will 
show you a tooltip or hint that its in japanese audio and english subtitles. ok thats enough infos
on the group status area now just click word “gg” on the “Name” column this will take you to GG fansubs
group page. now on the “Info” area at the “Info” tab look for “IRC” like shown in this screenshot
so the irc channel and server of gg fansubs is “#[email protected]” ok now for a quick break down of this
“#gg” part is the channel and “” part is the server or network
now back to Pchat on the network list after you set your nick names just click the “Add” button
on the “New Network” box just type anything, for this example lets type “Anime” 
after that click “Edit” on the “Servers for Anime” area click “Edit” and type “” 
then press enter, now press the button on the “Favorite channels:” then click “Add” button and type “#gg”
now just click “OK” and then “Close” and then “Connect” after a while your on GG channel at rizon server
now lets say you want to go join THORAnime too and their IRC is “#[email protected]
now because your in or Rizon server/network already you just have to remember 
the “#thoranime” part and just go and type on the message box located at the bottom the statement
“/join #thoranime” and press enter like show in this screenshot
ok before we proceed on the downloading part of this tutorial some channels on rizon server/network
requires you to have a registered account if i remember correctly the channel of kick ass anime fansubs
group is one of them so lets register your username to rizon and oh for your info the rizon server/network
is the place for all fansubs, ok lets start registering 
ok go on PChat select “Rizon” on the left side column below the menu area, now take note of your username
on the message box area at the bottom because this is the username we will use
now the structure of registering is like this
/msg nickserv register [PASSWORD] [EMAIL]
so just type in the message box area the password for example “abcdef” and email for example “[email protected]
like this
/msg nickserv register abcdef [email protected]
then press enter and it will prompt you for further instructions like this
“A passcode has been sent to [email protected], please type /msg NickServ confirm <passcode> to complete registration”
so just go to your [email protected] email and get the passcode after registration be sure to 
remember your nickname and password its on the email of the passcode too so before deleting that
email take note of the whole thing
ok now you got a registered name on Rizon server/network lets change the Nick Name on the network list
window form so first thing close PChat, then run it again on the “Nick name:” box type your registered
username lets say its “ios_” now no need to fill up the “Second choice:” and “Third choice:”
then after that on the “Networks” area select “Anime” and then click “Edit” button, then on the 
“Nickserv password:” type your registered password in this example its “abcdef” without the double quotes
when you type this, then thats it close this window and click “Connect” now your back on #gg channel
with a registered nickname its time to download
the syntax for downloading is like this
/msg [BOT-NAME] xdcc send [PACK-NUMBER]
in the topic area for #gg you may notice it has something like this  
/msg gg|nobiru xdcc send 677
ok lets break this down the bot-name is gg|nobiru and the pack-number is 677
ok now type this /MSG gg|nobiru XDCC SEND 677 to the message box area and press enter
it will prompt you of 2 boxes and one of them prompts your to where to save the file before 
downloading so just go select a location for your download i always select the C: drive or desktop 
as the location
ok you may wonder is IRC downloading resumable? the answer is yes, some may say mostly because it depends
on the IRC channel you are in but i havent encountered a channel on Rizon that dont support resume yet
so if you want to resume just re-enter the command for that file so in this case will just
type again on the message box area the statement /MSG gg|nobiru XDCC SEND 677 and then press enter
so it will give you 2 window prompts again on the prompt window that says something about destination folder
just go ahead and find the location of your not yet finished downloaded file so it will resume there
you may wonder on PChat can i close the download window while downloading? yes you can and you can show it again by going to PChat’s menu “Window” and click “File Transfers”
ok now you got the basics its time to let you know that not all channels are thesame on providing the 
download links so ill teach you ways on how to get those download links
first method is by looking at the fansubs website look for some words that have “XDCC” or “Packlist”
or odd names like for example “[ACX] Releases” or simply “IRC” in them, 
if your wondering how can i know a fansubs website simple remember how you get the 
IRC server and channel using on top of that area is the “URL” area that is where you can 
get the website address for example we have “” so just go to that website and 
youll see a button named “IRC” so click that and youll notice some odd names like “THORA|Thunder”
and “THORA|Arutha” and “THORA|Recent” this are called XDCC bots they are like servers that has
files on them for you to download, so click one of them lets say “THORA|Thunder” then youll see bunch of
files just click one of the file you like for example the file
“5_Centimeters_Per_Second_(2007)_[720p,BluRay,x264]_-_THORA.mkv” and it will prompt you the msg XDCC command
like this “/msg THORA|Thunder xdcc send #3” and thats it you already know what to do with it
second method by typing on the message box area an exclamation mark first then the word “list” like this
now be careful on this command because some channels forbid the use of this command so you might be
kick out immediately on the channel or be banned, yes IRC is much more strict place so always before
you do anything on a channel read the topic area first when you first login on a channel and i mean
read everything like rules especially and if !list is not permitted look for packlist comments on the
Topic area too or their website, ok back to the !list command by entering this it will return
lot of info lets say we are interested in this returned message
“** XDCC LIST Denied. Go to –> <– for the list!” 
this example is from #gg channel so just go to the site -> 
and then on tha site just look for the msg xdcc command of a file that you want to download
on the #gg channel when you entered !list this are some more examples of the returned messages
-Evil|Bot- (XDCC) Packs:(71) packlist at Sends:(0/20) Queues:(0/20) Record:(19271.0KB/s) =iroffer=
-Gensokyo- (XDCC) Packs:(60) Check for the packlist. Sends:(0/20) Queues:(0/10) Record:(5657.6KB/s) Note:(Brought to you by Starmaker) =iroffer=
-gg|nobiru- (XDCC) Packs:(677) Packlist: Sends:(4/100) Queues:(0/25) Record:(17476.3KB/s) =iroffer=
-Kai-chan- (XDCC) Packs:(165) Latest packlist at Sends:(0/35) Queues:(0/50) Record:(9760.8KB/s) =iroffer=


as you can see their are lots of website on this messages that is indicated by packlist
and you already know what to do on those websites that has the packlist
so thats it thats some simple knowledge on downloading things on IRC and take note
not all IRC channels are thesame so be sure to read first the Topic area when your first join/login
in their channel because on some channel typing !list for example will give you not a website
packlist but rather a xdcc download command like this for example “/msg [ACX]Releases xdcc send 1”
where 1 is a text file containing the packlist that you can open with notepad and read further instructions

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