Knowing Encoding Settings and Infos with MediaInfo

ok for new encoders its handy to know the settings and infos on a video
this will help them to get familiarize on encoding infos like 
resolution (width and height of a video), settings, format/codec, and etc of a video 
this guide can also be good for people who want to know more about the video
lets begin
download MediaInfo here ->
then install it the afterwards open it and go to menu “Options” and then “Preferences”
on “Output format” drop down box select “Text” and check “Explorer extension”
this how your screen should look like
now just click “OK” and go close MediaInfo, now your all set
Showing the Encoding Informations of a Video
now look for a video file (ex: mkv mp4 avi) and right click it and select “MediaInfo”
and thats it encoding informations are shown like this in the screenshot
some encoders useful infos are resolution (width and height), the display aspect ratio,
the x264 version (writing library) if its an updated version and ofcourse the
encoding settings, here is a screenshot
now you can just google about the informations shown by MediaInfo for you to get more knowledge

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