MKV Common Usages

to mux the soft subs of a source video to your reencoded video
download MKVtoolnix either google it or get it here
i prefer the zip file download because i like it portable
after download extract it and double click mmg.exe (this is mkvmerge GUI)
– click “add” button browse your source video then click “Open”
– in “Tracks, chapters and tags” uncheck everything except the entry that has words “type: subtitles”
– click “add” button browse your reencoded video then click “Open”
– by looking at “Tracks, chapters and tags” this time the entries that has check is
  the video of the reencoded video file hinted by the words “type: video” and audio of
  the reencoded video file hinted by the words “type: audio” 
  and last the subtitles hinted by the words “type: subtitles”
– select the entry with “type: subtitles” then at “General track options”
choose “yes” on the drop down box of “Default track flag”
– on “Output filename” click “Browse” to select a save location and the
filename for the new mux file after that click “Start muxing”
splitting mkv by filesize 
– click “add” button browse your input video then click “Open”
– go to “Global” tab and at “Splitting” area check “Enable splitting…”
– select “…after this size” and enter a number like 100M (M stands for MegaBytes)
– if you check “link files” and your playing it using MPC-HC with Haali Splitter 
  then it will play the resulting split files as though they are one video file
  as long as all of them are on the same directory/location
– if you set a number of “max. number of files: ” for example you set 2 then 
  only 2 files will be created and if it exceeded the file size of what you set then
  the second file will be so much larger than the first resulting split file 
– then thats it your ready to click the “Start muxing” button again
NOTE: point and pause your mouse pointer on the input boxes until hints appears
File title
– click “add” button browse your input video then click “Open”
– go to “Global” tab and at “Global options” write a title on the
  “File/segment title:” text box
– now your ready to click “Start muxing” button
– when you play this file like on VLC player it will show the title that you set
  at the start of the video if it does not then go to VLC -> Tools -> Preferences -> 
  Subtitles & OSD -> On Screen Display -> then check “Show media title on video start”
Changing the Hash/Checksum of a file
– click “add” button browse your input video then click “Open”
– then just re-mux the file by clicking “Start muxing” button
  this will give your file another unique identifier called checksum/hash like
  CRC and MD5 this are useful if ever your file your uploading becomes banned
  from the file host your uploading to, so you do not need to re-encode the original file 
  again to small size just to have another hash/checksum value

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