Your Uploaded File is Banned

ok just to make it formal here is what you need to do in order to save yourself from re-encoding the whole file again when your file has been banned on filehosting sites like MediaFire or Megaupload, below is a quoted info from what filehosting sites do in banning your file
No human being ever looks at your files. This is a myth started by Rapidshare's manual review of your account upon requesting points redemption. Yes, Rapidshare used to review your account when you requested prizes. However, none of your files were ever downloaded or run. They just looked at file names, and never looked if you didn't ask for any rewards.
No file host has ever manually reviewed files.
There are three ways files are commonly deleted from file hosts.
MD5 checksums, string matches and DMCA complaints.
In all three cases no human being ever looks at your files.
MD5 checksums:
All files have a unique order of bits. An MD5 checksum is basically like a file's fingerprint. The odds of any one file ever matching another is quite small. You can change a file's MD5 with the slightest modification. Adding one byte of data or removing it would result in an entirely different checksum. Only some file hosts use MD5. Most notably Megaupload and Depositfiles are known to use MD5 checks. Most hosts do not use them however.
String matches:
Many file hosts use string matches in order to knock files out. They have a list of commonly abused names that the system regularly sweeps for. However, it is only a string search. It cannot distinguish between a real infringing file and one that does not.
If you name a text file "Iron Man 2.avi" when they run a string search, off it goes. It doesn't matter that it's just a text file.
DMCA complaints:
DMCA complaints are automated. Anytime one is filed, the file is immediately removed. Even if the filer does not own rights to the link.
If Paramount filed a DMCA against your video of you drinking a gallon of egg nog in under a minute, it would be deleted. just because it was filed. All DMCAs are assumed to be correct.
the reason why usually encoders re-encode again their files is for it to have a new checksum like MD5 or CRC, think of checksums as unique identification of a file and also its a way to find if a file is corrupt remember those weird combination of letters and numbers you see on fansubs file like “[Mazui]_Mirai_Nikki_OVA_[LQ][76A04333].mkv”, the part that reads like this -> “76A04333” is the checksum and categorize as CRC 
so basically according to that spoiler (quoted) info above you need to change 2 things and that is:
– filename (make the filename weird) 
– change the file’s checksum like MD5
changing the filename to a weird one is easy so here is a simple way to change the checksum like MD5 and CRC without the need to re-encode that video file from the original source (its simple as muxing the banned file to create a new file that has new checksums) 
get mkvtoolnix ->
either install it or just extract the zip file if you decided to download the 7zip (.7z) file
then open mkvmerge or mmg.exe
– now that mkvmerge is opened click “add” to add the banned file you have
– then change the “Output filename” on the bottom of the mkvmerge window and change the output location and click “Start muxing” button
– and thats it the output file from this instruction will have a new checksum for MD5 or CRC
but how to confirm if the original file before this muxing steps have different checksum compared to the output file created through this muxing steps? the answer is download a checksum software like this one ->
run that rapidcrc and then go to its options and check “MD5” check box for rapidcrc to show even the MD5 of a file being checked, and after that just run a checksum check of the banned file before and after you re-mux it and youll notice later that the checksums have change 
so thats it, their are some CRC or MD5 changer software if you google them but i do not recommend them as i do not think they are that reliable they may even corrupt the file itself
P.S. confirmation that a simple re-muxing will change the checksum like MD5 or CRC ->

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