Mobile Ad for WordPress & Joomla – Earn more revenues from mobile

Mobile Ad for WordPress by AdsOptimal – DOUBLE MOBILE RPM WITH ADSOPTIMAL
Earn top dollar for your mobile web traffic! Promote mobile offers on your WordPress site and get up to $15 RPM or $4 per download by just installing the plugin.

  • Choose from 9 different ad experiences, such as banner, interstitial, pop-up, and more.
  • Control how frequent user can see the ad. You can make sure you don’t bug user too many times.
  • Select to show the ad only when user finish reading your content.
  • Take only minutes to install. See your revenue in real time.
  • Receive a payout via Paypal or Check.
  1. adsoptimal screenshot 1Choose ad experience that fit with your WordPress site.
  2. adsoptimal screenshot 2Preview of our mobile ad. App-Store-like experience.
  3. adsoptimal screenshot 3Preview of our mobile ad. Standard banner format.
  4. adsoptimal screenshot 4Preview of our mobile ad. Contextual style.

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