Download Torrents to Google Drive

Download Torrents to Google Drive
Download Torrents to Google Drive

Are you a big Google drive user? Do you Download Torrents to Google Drive?

Believe it or not but it is now possible to save your torrents directly to Google Drive. This has a lot of advantages, which include super fast, anonymous downloading of torrents, and automatic synchronization via Google Drive sync.
CloudBox247 already allows you view your torrents directly in the browser on all your devices. If you are a Google drive user and want to have it synced across all your devices, then there is a way to directly save into your Google Drive while downloading a torrent.
Never has been downloading torrents so simple and convenient as downloading with
When downloading through CloudBox247, make sure you choose -> My Account -> Google Drive Account -> Authorize -> Select Automatic Backup. It will then automatically download into your drive.
It is very simple! Create an account free here.

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