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  • {Workaround}how to get access to the server, when Amazon EC2 private key lost

    1. Login to your AWS Management Console. 2. Select  EC2 from the Services | set your Region in the drop-down list | Click the Instances link in left side bar. 3. Right click on the instance name. The Instance Management context menu will appear. Select Create Image. 4. Enter the name and description. This is for your use, not […]

  • Backup to Amazon S3 Bucket from CentOS 6.4

    In this tutorial I’ll make mysql db backup and then upload it to AMAZON S3 Bucket using S3CMD tool and bash script. The script will also create the separate folder automatically for each day inside the bucket. Before starting this tutorial, we need to install the EPEL for s3cmd tools: wget wget rpm […]

  • How to verify the modulus of the CSR,Private Key and Certificate

    To verify that a private key matches its certificate we need to compare their modulus. First move to the directory,where you placed your SSL certificate. ls To view the modulus of the CSR, use the following command: openssl req -noout -modulus -in rbgeek_com.csr | openssl md5 Note: Please replace rbgeek_com.csr with your csr file Next, to view the […]

  • How to configure Postfix to send mail via Google Apps

    In this tutorial, we’ll configure Postfix to send an email through Google’s SMTP on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server for Google Apps. We can use the exact same setup for Gmail account also: Install Postfix and command line mail utility using the following command: sudo apt-get install postfix mailutils Backup the default configuration file for postfix: […]

  • How to connect to an EC2 instance using Putty

    You created an EC2 instance and got private key (with PEM extension)from Amazon. Now, how you can login to your instance with PuTTY? For this, you need to convert the .PEM to .PPK format using Puttygen. Run Puttygen: Click on the Load button: Locate your PEM file that you want to convert: Putty will convert […]

  • How to Mount EC2 EBS Storage To EC2 Linux Instance

    Login to your AWS management console,click on EC2 in the list of AWS products and from there, identify the correct region of EC2 instance because EC2 EBS volume must be in the same location as the EC2 instance: Click Volumes located under Elastic Block Store then click on Create Volume button, which will launch the […]

  • Apache Virtual Hosts in Ubuntu

    In this tutorial, I’ll show you the steps to configure 3 Apache virutal hosts running on a single EC2 Ubuntu Instance. The three domains, that I’ll use in this tutorial are: 1) 2) 3) DNS setting for these 3 domains are as follows: Create three folders inside the /var/www folder, they will […]

  • How to connect a domain name to an EC2 instance

    Launch an EC2 instance and set up the web server (In my case, I setup the Ubuntu12.04 instance and install the Apache web server on it): At this point my website is up and running but with the long amazon url(i.e. Each EC2 server is assigned a dynamic IP. If a server has to […]