Category: Encoding Tutorials

  • Knowing Encoding Settings and Infos with MediaInfo

    ok for new encoders its handy to know the settings and infos on a video this will help them to get familiarize on encoding infos like  resolution (width and height of a video), settings, format/codec, and etc of a video  this guide can also be good for people who want to know more about the […]

  • Encoding on Command Line

    who? – people who like to learn encoding on cli or command prompt – windows os (operating system) user – basic familiarity with windows command prompt  – already have familiarity with encoding especially extracting the audio of the source and muxing with mkvmergeGUI   what? – you need the following:   x264 ->   ffmpeg […]

  • MKV Common Usages

    to mux the soft subs of a source video to your reencoded video download MKVtoolnix either google it or get it here i prefer the zip file download because i like it portable after download extract it and double click mmg.exe (this is mkvmerge GUI) – click “add” button browse your source video then […]

  • File Corruption Checking

    sometimes a file perfectly plays but when you transfer them to another media like burn them to a disc or copy them to a flash drive or harddrive or in the case of re-encoding no matter what settings you adjust it always come out out of sync then the problem is a file corruption namely […]

  • Your Uploaded File is Banned

    ok just to make it formal here is what you need to do in order to save yourself from re-encoding the whole file again when your file has been banned on filehosting sites like MediaFire or Megaupload, below is a quoted info from what filehosting sites do in banning your file   No human being […]

  • Making Animated GIF Image from a Video Scene

    who? – people who like to create animated GIF from video scenes using free softwares – windows os (operating system) user – basic familiarity with windows command prompt   what? – you need the following MPlayer on windows – Gimp – (i choose the portable version) AnimStack – – then put mplayer.exe on a directory for […]

  • Extracting Songs with Audacity

    this tutorial is mostly for extracting the opening and ending songs of a fansub anime video   Prerequisites so to start download Audacity here -> since i do not like installing software much so in this tutorial we will download the zip file download “Audacity 2.0 zip file” go to “LAME MP3 encoder” on the […]

  • Fractal Compression

    Fractal Compression – the holy grail of compression particularly on video compression, its resolution independent meaning as you scale it at higher resolutions the quality will not degrade this is like vectors but due to vectors not good at showing real or life like images then raster (or bitmap) images are still the one being widely […]

  • Encoding Tips for Mini-Size

    What you need to encode faster and with quality – CPU – the more cpu cores you have the faster you can encode, a dual-core CPU is twice faster against encoding at single-core CPU, and quad-core CPU is 4 times faster against encoding at single-core CPU, if you use a lot of avisynth filters (some simply call […]

  • Video Encoding FAQs for Mini-Size Viewers

    what is a video? is a bunch of pictures/images that are sequentially played what is video encoding? it is the process of converting the video to a specific video format or specification for playback reasons, encoding can sometimes be referred to as compression too and their are 2 kinds of compression namely lossy and lossless what is […]