Category: Encoding Tutorials

  • x264 Basics

    *** the higher the resolution of your output the higher the filesize it needs *** the lower the resolution of your output the lower the filesize it needs for example a specific anime episode is encoded with same settings and same encoder and same video source but different  resolution, at SD resolution it gave around […]

  • Resolution Calculation

    before we start never ever upscale for example your source is just 480p and you want it 720p that is wrong thinking, you will only make the video blurry  ok back to the main guide if your wandering how to get properly the resize resolution of a source video here is the simple way for […]

  • MeGUI One-Click Tutorial

    MeGUI One Click feature tutorial/guide   the newest MeGUI can automatically add the subtitles to the resulting mkv file output so the “One Click” feature of MeGUI is looking as simple as Handbrake although MeGUI is still more buggy or have lots of random errors that youll encounter, nevertheless i like the  audio encoding of […]

  • Handbrake Tutorial

    mainly for low size or mini size h264 video format encoding of fansubs using x264 encoder in mkv or mp4 container  TIP: if your ripping a encrypted DVD then install libdvdcss here is a guide –  getting handbrake go to click “Downloads” and go to “Nightly Builds” NOTE: we are using Nightly Builds because its […]