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  • IRC/XDCC Downloading with PChat

    ok this is a another tutorial about downloading on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) you may wonder why bother downloading from IRC? because if torrents or download links is  not available on any website then your last option is IRC as IRC is where the fansubs comes first and also IRC is mostly the archive of […]

  • Installing Unreal IRCd

    Hopefully you have already downloaded the source. If not, get it here: 1. wget 2. tar -zxvf Unreal3.2.3.tar.gz 3. rm Unreal3.2.3.tar.gz Then lets run the script! 1. cd Unreal3.2 2. ./Config Now the script is running! You will see notes about Unreal 3.2.3, you do not have to read this! Just press enter once, then spacebar until you see […]

  • Installing psyBNC and using it

    Downloading psyBNC: At the shell prompt, type:get-psybnc Alternative method: wget tar -zxvf psyBNC-2.3.2-9.tar.gz Compiling psyBNC: At the shell prompt, type:nano .nanorc Make these changes to .nanorc:set nowrap Save & exit. At the shell prompt, type: cd psybnc nano config.h Make these changes to config.h: #define CRYPT #define BLOWFISH #define MULTIUSER #define MAXUSER 20 #define MAXCONN […]

  • Installing Psotnics

    Let’s make a psotnic bot and start with the cfg file on a notepad: “nick user nickappend _-^`| realname -= la prova del ipv6 =- myipv4 insert servermainIP here vhost************** choose here: Port here you put the port number you want Owner password server *********** keepnick 1   Slave config file nickuser nickappend _-^`| […]