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Banner Advertising on Video (mobile support) for jwplayer

Hello members,

I have developed new plugin for displaying ads overlay on video.
– Support: html, javascript
– Working on desktop and mobile (html5 support)
– Close and Play button: click Close to watch video. When you stop video, ads will display again.
Demo here:

Contact me for purchase at thoaimedia at gmail dot com
or how you earn money with this mod.


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JW Player play with google drive, google photos, picasa, onedrive, dailymotion

As you know, jw player does not support videos from video sites like Google Drive, dailymotion, onedrive, google photos, picasa, vimeo, … It is true because the links provided by them on uploaded files were re-encoded, obfuscated and without extension.

However, after a few workaround and script configuration, I have played media files in JWPlayer version 6.12 and above which is hosted by Google Drive,…

Below is how you work with Google Drive, for others you make their way to get link

How to Use Google Drive as host of media files for JWPlayer


    1. Considering that you have already a Gmail account, then go to Google Drive
    2. Create a folder. Share it as “Public on the web”
    3. Open the folder, and upload therein your media files like MP4, FLV, or MP3.
    4. After uploading, left it for a while, because Google Drive will do the processioning. Processing takes a few minutes or hours depending on the size of your file.
    5. After of that, share it and make it “Anyone on the internet” or “Public on the web”. and get the links. that looks like:  or



Short Codes


Contact me at

Example of media file from Google Drive and others played in JWPlayer

Google Drive

Loading video...

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How to compile JW Player from source code using Adobe Flash CS

To compile JWPlayer, you need two things:
1. Flash CS4 (or CS5)

2. Flex SDK v4 (hoặc v3)
You can download it at:

3. Download Source Code of JW Player at:

Choose the lastest version, download and unpzip to your folder. For example, I’m using JWPlayer5
Now open Flash CS4, Creat New choose Flash File (ActionScript 3.0)

Click Ctrl + S , name file (ex. player.fla) and save it at C:JWPlayer5SRC (must be SRC)

Go to Properties, at tab Publish, copy and paste below code to Class:


Below Tab Properties, at Stage you can choose color of default background for  JW Player, I choose white color (#000000)

Ctrl + U to show Preferences, Choose ActionScript, click ActionScripts 3.0 Settings

At Flex SDK path, find to directory Flex SDK v4.

Click OK twice.

Hold Ctrl + Shift + F12 (or FilePublish Settings) to show Publish Settings

click Tab Flash, click Settings at Script : ActionScript 3.0


Settings, you choose tab Library path, clear all and  +. Copy and paste below line:

Click+ , choose Library of JWPlayer: C:JWplayer5libs


Click OK to save and return to Public Settings:

Clcik Publish to compile. Go to  C:JWplayer5src and you get jwplayer swf:

That’s all.