Category: Linux Tutorials

  • Backup to Amazon S3 Bucket from CentOS 6.4

    In this tutorial I’ll make mysql db backup and then upload it to AMAZON S3 Bucket using S3CMD tool and bash script. The script will also create the separate folder automatically for each day inside the bucket. Before starting this tutorial, we need to install the EPEL for s3cmd tools: wget wget rpm […]

  • Install Transmission Daemon on CentOS / Fedora / Ubuntu

    Transmission is Torrent / Magnet link client vastly used on Linux, its available for almost all distros. If you are willing to use it as headless / VM to download torrents with minimal installationon your CentOS / Fedora / RHEL distro following is the packages needs to be installed & configuration required to access transmission as web service. here is machine transmission daemon is […]

  • Increase the root filesystem in Linux inside VMWare Workstation/VSphere without LVM

    In this tutorial, I’ll explain the step by step procedure to resize the Linux root partition without losing the date. This will be really handy if you are not using LVM and you came to know that your existing root partition is run out of space. WARNING: It’s really dangerous, so backup your data before attempting […]

  • How to verify the modulus of the CSR,Private Key and Certificate

    To verify that a private key matches its certificate we need to compare their modulus. First move to the directory,where you placed your SSL certificate. ls To view the modulus of the CSR, use the following command: openssl req -noout -modulus -in rbgeek_com.csr | openssl md5 Note: Please replace rbgeek_com.csr with your csr file Next, to view the […]

  • How to Enable SSL in Apache2 on Ubuntu

    In this tutorial, I’ll explain you that how to enable the SSL for your website under Apache2 on Ubuntu Server. For this, I’m assuming: 1. That you have a working apache2 setup on your Ubuntu Server. 2. You have correctly configured the dns records for your domain. 3. You already got a certificate from a […]

  • Install cPanel & WHM

    CPANEL is professional manager for Linux. In order to install cPanel & WHM, you have to:  #cd /home #wget -N #sh latest If license is not valid (because of firewall or IP change),  you just run  /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt to activate license for your IP. Note: When installing cPanel & WHM, Apache 2.2 và PHP 5.2.17  are […]

  • How to unzip a zip file into a folder with the zip file’s name – Bash Script

    cd into the directory containing the zip files Run command nano Add below code to file #!/bin/bash for z in *.zip do d=`basename $z .zip` mkdir $d && unzip $z -d $d done Make it executable chmod +x Run it ./ If you want to delete zip files after unzip, you only […]