Installing Psotnics

Let’s make a psotnic bot and start with the cfg file on a notepad: “nick user nickappend _-^`| realname -= la prova del ipv6 =- myipv4 insert servermainIP here vhost************** choose here: Port here you put the port number you want Owner password server *********** keepnick 1   Slave config file nickuser nickappend _-^`|… Continue reading Installing Psotnics

How to install VNC server on CentOS 6

VNC is a protocol that is used to share the desktop with other users/computers over the network/Internet.In order to share a desktop, VNC server must be install and configure on the computer and VNC client must be run on the computer that will access the shared desktop. When we install the minimal copy of CentOS… Continue reading How to install VNC server on CentOS 6