Google AdWords

Advertising on search engines (SEM) is the only channel of Marketing that can bring the right ad to your potential customers. Unlike traditional media advertising or other online channel, customer will actively seek what they want. Your ad will only appear when someone searches for your products, at the right time that users are eager to get the information they need.

So this is the true and effective way to target the right audience. While other advertising media trying to show the ad to customer as much as possible, Google AdWords is totally opposite: advertising message appears when the customer search and decide if they want to clicks on ads or not.

We – Thoai Media –  believe that with the combination of professional Website Analysis and experience accrued over three years on Google AdWords, this is the best way to reach customers. Also, because we can see the combined effect of all the channels (360◦ strategy),we always discuss with clients to understand both of their traditional and online marketing plan, then find out the best solution to reach their target.