Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business

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“Google Apps allow us to stay ahead of the competition by remaining flexible and efficient since we can upgrade based on the latest technology, and not be confined by budget or staffing to out-of-date systems. Once you have Google Apps, you will always have the most recent version.”

Google Apps still probably seems to be new to many business owners, but more and more people prefer using this particularly useful service. Google Apps system includes all the facilities of Google, the upgraded version for enterprises with have many special features which Including:

–    Gmail for business
–    Google Docs
–    Google Calendar
–    Google sites
– …

Below is our introduction of some typical products and included features.

1. Gmail for enterprises:


Basic: Allows to send / receive email, instant messaging, voice chat and video mail on the web.
Especially for business:

–     Each user has 25 GB storage capacity email and instant messaging up to 50 times compares to basic levels. Internal email is unrestricted.

–     Access your email anytime, anywhere: Allows to work efficiently at the office, on the road, at home and on mobile phones, even offline.

–     Can be sync with Android, iPhone & BlackBerry.

–     Sort folders scientifically, or search for emails quickly in Google search box.

–     Effective spam guard. Can bookmark & ​​focus on the important content.

2. Google Docs for business:

Basic: Create, store, edit, share documents, spreadsheets, drawings … on website which allows multiple users edit the same file at the same time.
Especially for business:
–    Access anytime, anywhere: allows to work efficiently at the office, on the road, at home and on mobile phones, even if it is offline.
–    Compatible on all operating systems
–    Easily upload, share, edit, backup online. Applied to popular formats such as. Doc,. Xls,. Ppt and. Pdf, graphic design files …
–    Manage the right to share files across the system. Owners can share documents and files revoke access at any time.

3.Google Calendar:




Basic: Web-based calendar application that allows employees work effectively, helping companies reduce costs and time.
Especially for business:
–    Easy to schedule appointments. For enterprise applications : allow users to stack multiple calendars & check the time people will be free, thereby inviting & managing feedback.
–   Tight integration with email systems.
–    Schedule can be shared throughout the company, or between those selected. Ensure security and privacy.
–    Access from mobile phone. View and edit event details, to add a new event and invite guests right on your mobile phones such as BlackBerry and iPhone. Allows advance notices via SMS.

4. Google Sites:

Special applications for business, for creating dynamic web pages as easy as writing a document, use and safe for internal network and team projecst. No need to write code or HTML.
–   Enterprises can use Google Sites to centralize documents, spreadsheets, video and other applications to help the working group organized.
–   Available templates helps creating group sites, internal network quickly.
–   Google Sites is provided on web, allowing access to the company’s site from the office, on the road, at home and on mobile phones.
–   Compatible with all operating systems
–   Administrators can manage the sharing permissions across the enterprise site and the author may withdraw share and files access at any time.

5.  Other applications: Google Cloud Connect, Google Groups, Google Video …
Now you can manage your business smoothly & efficiently with the entire system of the Google applications with no huge costs. Please contact us for details on consulting services and get more attractive incentives