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Premium video sharing cms

The modern choice for your next video community, we takes care of the many needs your video project will challenge you with!

On average an internet user watches 175 videos each month. Globally video traffic is approximated to be 55% by the year 2016.
Video promotion is 6 times more cost effective than print and direct mail.With proper optimisation video increase the chance of ranking on the Google’s first page by 53 times. Mobile and tablet shopper represent 2/3 of the video consumers out there. 87% of Facebook users are likely to share a video they like. Are you ready to take advantage?

Online videos are still a very profitable niche. If you plan a video website for video uploads, video blog, corporate video platform or simply wish to own a piece of the wide video market, we help you.

It has standard and included many of the features which around the web cost $$$ in plugins.


1. PHPVibe:


A PHP video script built for webmasters, professionals and video enthusiasts that combines social network features and video sharing features in a graceful manner for your all one video portal.

We know how hard is to find a good video script that handles both upload and social videos sharing without requiring ffmpeg and PHPVibe was crafted years ago for the sole reason to fill the gap. It can convert avi video files to flv/mp4 (by default) but it can help you build your video project just the way you want it without video conversion as well (upload of mp4/flv video files along side their thumbnails).

  • Upload mp4/flv video files
  • Upload mp3/music files
  • Upload image files
  • Easy embed over 20 large video sharing website (link only). Main sharing websites get also video details prefilled.
  • Import videos for specific Youtube searches, from users, from Youtube’s channels with a single click (importer plus cron)
  • Login with Facebook, Twitter and Google
  • Import videos from Vimeo with an intuitive mass importer (plugin only)
  • Import videos from Redtube with an one of a king mass importer which can grab also real video link (plugin only)


And also (with FFMPEG):

  • Convert videos to .mp4 (mobile friendly video format)
  • Extract video duration and thumbnail

Upload, fast embed,convert videos or mass-import embeds from Youtube and Vimeo with a couple of clicks!

As of version 3.2, PHPVibe has a brand new coding and includes : video uploads and hide video path, easy video sharing/embed from external sources, remote video file embed , uploads security and anti-hacking protection, social functions with activity tracking (like Facebook) , video reports, easy to use translation system, readymade filters, hooks and actions for coders and much, much, more.

rdering PHPVibe makes you owner of a premium video cms, licensed to your domain, which includes the Youtube mass videos importer built-in and free of charge.
One time payment for a cms with 99.9% open source code!


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