Automated Video Submitter Software Video Application

Lightning fast video upload application auto builds your video websites while you sleep.

VideoSWIPER is a sleek yet ultra powerful web application that helps you get video content to your websites today, tomorrow & everyday using both a semi automated uploader & a fully automated drip feeding service with set & forget setup for the busy webmaster.

1# Huge video database of 1.5 billion videos plus up to 50 video search engines included.

VideoSwiper has one of the biggest video search engines online with over 1.5 billion videos already cached & ready for you to use, we also include up to 50 top video sharing engines which you also have full access to their videos too, this means you will never run short of targeted new videos for your video websites. We know the importance of you been able to grab as much unique targeted niche content as you can so your video websites grow organically with fresh new video uploads appearing on your site for both the search engines and your visitors.

You must be diverse in your video posting, a recent study backed up by a post made by Google and youtube stated that any websites built just to embed youtube videos with no other content or media from other sites would be frowned upon by Google and this could effect your ranking so using VideoSWIPER allows you to move away from the standard youtube embedders or uploaders and use a huge diverse list of video search engines keeping Google happy when it comes to taking a view of your websites.

2# Grab videos by bulk in FLV, MP4 HD or embedded formats.

VideoSwiper allows you complete control over the types of video files you grab & save to your account for submission, you can setup your searches to find only FLV formats or to look for MP4 HD video only. Users can also search for embedded formats to reduce the amount of server space used as not all video webmasters want the video files added to their servers due to keeping their monthly costs down. This makes videoswiper extremely flexible allowing you to add multiple video websites and selecting to embed to one and upload to the other.

We all know that HD videos are the preference now, looking at videos that have been encoded 20 times just doesn’t do your sites any justice, VideoSWIPER allows you to switch your search functions so only HD videos can be found not only that so many of today’s video scripts come with mobile versions which require at least the videos are of HD MP4 quality as this is the only real format mobiles and tablets now support with flash support no longer been updated at least in Android devices.

3# Drip feeding automation system to schedule video transfers nightly.

Fully automate your video transfer process by using the drip feeding scheduler which will search videos for you, add videos to your submission queue & send them to any of your connected websites, user accounts, categories all while you sleep. This method of building content on your video websites is totally organic & not only that its perfect for those clients who want a set and forget system that they don’t have to babysit everyday, making this one of the most powerful features of the videoswiper video application.

Simply setup your categories & keywords you want videos found for & then choose which video search engines to allow for crawling each night & then simply select which user accounts and which websites you would like to see new videos for each day & then save your settings. You can then also get into the more complicated stuff like content spinning using the built in engine which will format your spintax for titles and descriptions to output unique meta details so your avoiding the original meta titles & descriptions all together but don’t worry if you don’t know how to spin content there are other meta tools also available, now you should see videos within 24 hours and in most cases it’s much sooner.

4# Video editing which creates unique meta data for all your saved videos.

It’s extremely important that you don’t just have access to grab videos & upload them, because of such heavy penalties given by Google for duplicated content we have provided all users with powerful video editing utilities to remix titles, descriptions & tags along with a & dynamic descriptions & tags generator which will fill out empty fields for you using our search & replace algorythm. No more do you need to worry about duplicated video content meta when our tools will allow you to auto fill from our database where meta is missing.

5# Content spinning engine for both semi & fully automated transfers

One of the most requested features for VideoSWIPER was content spinning, the ability to add spun content into the titles, descriptions and tags fields when remixing the meta. We added this functionality & have since had many many great stories from users who are getting great success with search engine positioning and indexing results when using spinning for all their video uploads. It’s extremely easy to create spinners, store your spinners, apply them to only the submissions you want & to use them at anytime within the mass change meta plugin for better seo.

6# Powerful browser widgets to grab videos on the go without opening your VideoSWIPER account

As a fully paid member you will have complete access to even more powerful tools & apps which will help you to grab videos for your websites, our browser toolbar widget to grab videos from anywhere allows you to surf the web looking for videos you want then with a single click of the widget button that video with all it’s meta data and thumbnails is added to your videoswiper account even when your not logged in.

7# Fast & simple copy & paste video links you have bookmarked & parse them into videos

Our simple to use copy & paste URL’s tool allows you to save video links you find online then paste them into your dashboard for automated conversion into videos ready to be uploaded, these links are fully parsed and create a video file or video embed code, the thumbnails needed and all the video meta like titles, descriptions and tags.

8# Clone youtube videos or any of our videos & mass upload them to your youtube channels

This feature is probably used the most & is a real favorite with our client base, you can search from our 1.5 billion cached videos or from any of the 50 included stored search engines to grab videos then simply use the meta changer tools to make these videos more unique. After this you simply drop in your nmoney site links so the descriptions to youtube have your back links in them & click on submit! it really is that simple. Now the system will queue these videos to be sent to your chosen youtube channels, upload around 200 videos a day on autopilot and start to see huge traffic spikes going to your websites not to mention your reputation on youtube growing into a power user.