JW Player Integration

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Configuring Video Ads

We will setup VAST/VPAID or Google IMA advertisements in the Ads edition of JW Player.


The Ads edition of JW6 has built-in support for the two leading video ad frameworks: VAST/VPAID and Google IMA. Not every VAST feature is supported at present. See Supported Ad Formats for more information.

JW6’s built-in support for video advertising is different from JW5, the Open Video Ads andGoogIMA plugins for this purpose. JW6 is “powered by” OVA and IMA, but is much different in terms of configuration.


In order to start running video ads in JW Player, you need:

  • A valid license for the Ads edition of JW Player. The lower tier editions do not support advertising.
  • A working embed of this Ads player on your website (meaning the main video is playing)
  • A working ad tag from an ad server, in either VAST/VPAID or Google IMA format. Again, see Supported Ad Formats for details.


We integrate  Linear pre-, mid- and post-roll videos (e.g. TrueView), non-linear text overlays (and other AdSense formats), and HTML companions served up by Google for FREE


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