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  • Amazon IAM user creation for single S3 bucket access

    Login to AWS Management Console and from there select IAM: From the IAM Console, click on the “Create new users” button in the toolbar, enter the name of the new user(You can give it any name like I gave it mymysqlbktos3) and then click “Create” button on the bottom of that form: It will present you […]

  • How to Install the latest version of s3cmd tool on Linux

    Please install the required packages before installing the s3cmd tool and download the source zip from github: sudo yum install unzip python-pip wget https://github.com/s3tools/s3cmd/archive/master.zip Unzip the downloaded source zip file and move to the unzipped directory: unzip master.zip cd s3cmd-master/ Once you have moved to the unzipped directory then just run this command: sudo python setup.py […]