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  • OpenVPN server on CentOS 6.4 behind NAT

    This tutorial describes that how to configure the OpenVPN Server in CentOS 6.4 and clients in Windows XP/7. I am taking the scenario of SOHO network, which is protected by Firewall, we’ll implement the OpenVPN on internal CentOS 6.4 server to access the internal SOHO network (Server and PCs) through the internet from anywhere securely. Before […]

  • Time synchronization on CentOS 6.2 using NTP

    To install the ntp, just enter this command at the terminal: sudo yum install ntp To make the ntpd start at boot time, use this commands: sudo chkconfig ntpd on After installation, edit the default ntp configuration: sudo nano /etc/ntp.conf Commented out/remove the default CentOS servers,you can add your own time-servers here to synchronize with, […]

  • How to install VNC server on CentOS 6

    VNC is a protocol that is used to share the desktop with other users/computers over the network/Internet.In order to share a desktop, VNC server must be install and configure on the computer and VNC client must be run on the computer that will access the shared desktop. When we install the minimal copy of CentOS […]