Tag: restore the partition with clonezilla

  • Part-4: Restore disk from Clonezilla Auto Restore CD/DVD

    Please read the Part-1,2 and 3 before starting this tutorial, in order to get the better understanding. 1) At first, Clonezilla auto restore CD/DVD comes up with this screen just press ENTER: 2) Before starting the restoration process, Clonezilla will confirm from you TWICE, If you are sure that everything is fine, than just type […]

  • Part-3: Restore an image of a Hard drive using Clonezilla

    In this tutorial, we’ll check that how to restore an image of a hard drive using the Clonezilla, that we have created in the Part-1 and stored it on the SSH Server. Note: One of Clonezilla’s “Limitations” is that the destination disk must be the same size or larger than the source disk that we […]