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  • InterVLAN Routing with Internet Access on Ubuntu

    Scenario: Router: Ubuntu Server with 1 network card. Clients:  WindowsXP in VLAN10,Windows7 in VLAN20. Internet: Internet Router on VLAN30 Switch: Cisco 2960 Cisco 2960 Switch Configuration: interface FastEthernet0/12 description CONNECTED TO UBUNTU ROUTER switchport mode trunk ! ! interface FastEthernet0/1 description WINXP switchport access vlan 10 switchport mode access ! ! interface FastEthernet0/2 description Win7 switchport access vlan 20 switchport […]

  • How to delete a file in linux with spaces

    If you create a file in Linux with special character like %,$, * etc then you cannot remove it simply with rm command. In order to delete this kind of file, you need to use the inode number of this file. In this tutorial, I will try to show you that how we can delete […]